In addition to the great pay we offer, here are some additional perks that come with the job.

— Paid Days Off: Each Team Member has the ability to earn up to 12 Paid Days Off a year. When you add in your Paid Birthday off, that’s more than 2 ½ weeks of vacation.

— Paid Birthday Off: We all inwardly cherish and anticipate that one day of the year that we get blessed and lavished on by others. It’s YOUR birthday and we’d like to share in honoring you on your special day by paying you to take the day off…. go make some noise!

— Holidays Off: The Maid Crew is closed in honor of the following five major federally recognized holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (including Black Friday) and Christmas (including Christmas Eve). We do not offer “holiday pay” however, an employee may opt to get paid for these days through the redemption of Paid Day Off Vouchers.

— Tips: While we do have some generous clients that love to tip, some clients just need a little extra push to reward your good work. By Nov 1, 2020, we’ll be coming out with a “feedback request” form that, if/when the client rates you or your team with 5 Stars, a tipping option will be displayed allowing them to charge a tip to a credit card of their choice. The better the cleaning, the more likely or larger the tip.

— Health Care Coverage: In the works.

— Vision & Dental: In the works

— 401K: In the works

— No Working Nights or Weekends: This is the #1 perk that candidates and employees point to as reason for wanting to work at The Maid Crew. We get it… no one likes having to work when others are off. Working nights & weekends means missing out on all the barbeques, birthday get-togethers, family outings, weekend trips to the beach…. well, no more. Enjoy & spend your nights and weekends any way you like… just make sure you’re back & ready for work Monday @ 8am.

— Occasional Saturday Work Available: If you’re needing some extra income, we do occasionally have clients asking if we provide services on the weekend. We tell them “Only if we have workers interested earning some extra money.” We never require anyone to take on extra weekend work, so if we don’t get any volunteers, we tell the client that we’re not able to service them.

— Random Surprises: There will be occasions in which management will surprise everyone with breakfast pastries and beverages, or a birthday cake to celebrate everyone’s birthday for the month. Once or twice a year we organize a company paid outing to a local restaurant or game arena. Your fellow team mates may also surprise you with bringing in fresh baked desserts and such. Yum! Oh, and we have an old-timey popcorn machine that churns out movie-theatre style popcorn, not to mention the readily available over-sized jar of peanut M&Ms. What could be more enjoyable after a long day of cleaning than to come back to the office to the smell of fresh popped, buttery salted popcorn & candy?