The Maid Crew operates Monday – Friday. Our office opens at 7:30am and closes at 4:30pm. Appointment times — aka: Estimated Arrival Times — are between 8:40am all the way up to no later then about 3:30pm. We do not offer “late day” scheduling, such as after 3:30pm. Also... The Maid Crew is closed on all MAJOR holidays.
We offer self-service quoting & scheduling making it quick, easy & convenient to get set up. If you have questions or need assistance, please call us at (804) 644-6243 Monday – Friday between 8am- 4:30pm.
For recurring service, The Maid Crew offers Weekly, Every 2 Weeks (Bi-Weekly) & Every 4 Weeks (Monthly). All recurring service must begin with an Initial Deep Cleaning to bring the home up to maintenance level.
If you need to reschedule, skip or cancel a cleaning, you can either call or text us at (804) 644-6243. PLEASE NOTE: Deadline for cancelling, skipping or rescheduling is 12 noon, one business day prior to your appointment for service. Changes AFTER the deadline result in a $50 late-cancellation fee.
If you’d like to book an extra clean in-between a regular recurring schedule or need more hours on a 1x clean, or if you’d like to get some extra, seasonal chores tackled (like inside the fridge or some window washing) just let us know prior to our visit so we can set aside the extra time that’ll be needed. Extra time/chores will result in additional costs.
Clients are free to book as many hours as they feel is needed to get the job done. The Maid Crew can offer recommendations based on experience and historical averages. Give us a call, explain what you’d like to see accomplished and we’ll help guide you through the booking process according to your needs and budget.
If it is uncertain whether you’ve booked a sufficient number of man-hours for the job at hand, you have the option to authorize more time once the Crew has reached the original “cap”. We can have the Crew call you directly to let you know how far they’ve gotten, how much more time the believe is needed and allow you to decide if & how much more time you’d like to authorize.
The Maid Crew is close on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (included Black Friday) and Christmas. If your cleaning falls on any one of those days, The Maid Crew will coordinate with you in advance to offer another day to reschedule onto. Clients are free to choose to skip their cleaning in the event the reschedule option is not suitable.