All those who wear The Maid Crew uniform are employees. As such, The Maid Crew takes care of all payroll withholding taxes, unemployment insurance, workers comp coverage and general liability. (Companies making use of subcontractors (1099 Workers) place YOU at risk for bearing financial responsibility in the event of worker injury and/or tax avoidance.) With The Maid Crew, you can rest easy knowing that all the details have been taken care of….. Both YOU and our Employees are fully covered.
The Maid Crew's management sifts through, literally, HUNDREDS of applications & social profiles just to find one new recruit that it feels would be a good fit for both us & our clients. Once hired, all new employees go through background screenings, drug tests and reference checks to ensure we're sending only the best into your home.
For safety, security and accountability reasons, a Maid Crew team is typically made up of two certified cleaners. If a particular team has a heavier than normal work-load for the day, a third person will usually be added. In rare occasions, when operational necessity dictates, The Maid Crew may send out a single crew member to service an account. If a “Crew of One” is ever necessary, the individual sent is typically one of our more senior, experienced and trustworthy employees.
By choosing The Maid Crew, you’ve aligned yourself with some of the area’s BEST house cleaners. We’re pretty picky as to who we hire (and who we keep on board). Those working for The Maid Crew are thoroughly trained, uniformed and experienced. Many of those working for us have YEARS of expertise in the industry. Those who are new to the house cleaning industry are supervised by a Senior Crew Leader and inspected behind. If anything should ever fall through the cracks (regarding quality), you needn’t worry – Your Cleaning is Guaranteed. If you find something you’re not happy with, just call us within 24hrs and we’ll return at our own expense to address the issue.
The Maid Crew does it’s best to maintain the same crew on your account visit after visit. With that said, illness, vacation, departures or dismissals may necessitate a change in personnel from time to time. Your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated during the temporary replacement or transition from one worker or crew to the next.
Unfortunately, due to health, safety and insurance requirements, all Maid Crew personnel are required to wear shoes at all time, even while in your home.
Tipping is neither required nor expected, but it is greatly appreciated by the Crew and a great way of saying “Thanks”. 100% of tips go directly to the Crew that serviced your account for the day. Should you decide to offer a tip, you are free to leave cash, to include it in the check-payment or call to ask that we include an extra amount in your credit/debit card charge.
Quick answer is: No. As stated within our Terms of Service, The Maid Crew requires clients to refrain from soliciting our staff to work for them directly… In fact, all Maid Crew employees sign a non-compete agreement upon being hired barring them from performing any services, either directly or indirectly, for any of our past, present or prospective clients both during their employment and for a period of one full year following their departure or dismissal. Should a client approach the Management of The Maid Crew directly and wish to retain us as a Domestic Placement Agency, we will gladly assist a homeowner in the recruitment, vetting and training of a qualified house-keeper for a nominal fee of $2500USD.