Payment is due at the time of service. All reservations and appointments are secured by means of a credit/debit card at the time of booking (VISA, MasterCard, Discover or AmEx). Effective Jan 1 2020, The Maid Crew no longer accepts checks or cash as payment.... everything's done through credit/debit card. ACH bank draft coming soon.
As a means of ensuring that it’s time & resources are respected & honored appropriately, and as an assurance of payment, The Maid Crew requires all bookings to be secured through debit/credit card reservation. If an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice or if the Crew experiences a Lock-Out or are turned away upon arrival, the debit/credit card on file will be charged a $50 Late Cancellation fee as outlined in The Maid Crew’s Terms of Service.
The Maid Crew may, under certain circumstances, opt to pre-authorize a charge against a client’s debit/credit card the day before services are to be rendered. The pre-authorization may show up as a hold or pending charge against your account as an assurance of available funds, especially in situations where a LARGE amount of time & labor is to be reserved and/or rendered. Only when your appointment has actually been completed will the charge be finalized and processed.
With The Maid Crew, clients are in complete control of how much time & labor they’d like to reserve / book for an hourly based cleaning. We can offer recommendations but ultimately, the choice rests with the client based on their needs and/or budget. Should a client book MORE THAN the number of hours needed, the client will only be charged for the amount of time & labor rendered. In the event the job requires more time than expected, the client will be consulted as to whether they’d like to authorize more time and, if so, will be billed appropriately.
If you are set up to pay by debit/credit card and wish to provide the Crew a tip, simply call our office directly and let us know how much of a tip you’d like to add to your debit/credit card charge. We will forward 100% of the tip amount to the Crew Members responsible for the cleaning (split equally among all those on the team).
The Maid Crew reserves the right to amend its rates at any time to allow for business related cost increases. Additional charges may be necessary for the extra maid-hours typically required for initial cleanings, post-party cleaning, renovation cleanup, “picking-up” prior to actually cleaning, extended intervals between cleanings, additional service requests and/or the addition of pets, children, or roommates. Recurring Clients will be provided with a 14 day advanced notice of any permanent rate change affecting their account.
Clients whose check has been returned for insufficient funds, who stop payment on a check, or who have denied payment to The Maid Crew by means of a charge-back to their credit card, will be assessed a $50 “denial-of-payment” fee in addition to all applicable late payment penalties, interest, administrative and collection costs. Late payment penalties are as follows: $15 for account balances carried seven days beyond the date of service, $25 additional if carried thirty days beyond date of service; For Corporate Clients requiring invoicing: 10% on all account balances not paid in full thirty days beyond original date of invoicing.