We are always looking for great people to join The Maid Crew.

Benefits & Pay

  • No Nights or Weekends
  • $18 – $21 phr hour while cleaning ($430 – $540 wkly avg)
  • Friendly Customers + Tips
  • Paid Holidays + Your Birthday (after 6 months)
  • We provide all equipment & supplies
  • Company Cars available for those working in a team

Requirements … MUST BE…

  • Legally authorized to work in the United States
  • Reliable, honest and hard-working
  • Able to pass an entrance drug screening
  • Able to pass a nationwide background check
  • Have a working vehicle if working solo
  • Able to communicate & receive work orders via smart phone
  • Able to work in homes with dogs or cats
  • Able to lift objects up to 30 pounds, as needed


Yes, we have payroll records that prove our workers earn between $18-$21 per hour for the time spent cleaning INSIDE customers homes! The average number of hours Monday through Friday that each worker spends cleaning inside customers homes is between 22 – 25 hours, (28 – 35 hours if you count drive/break time & morning prep) and their gross pay equals out to between $430 – $540 every week (before taxes).

During your first 1 – 2 weeks of training, you’ll make between $13-$16 per hour but after training, you will begin to see your wages increase to a rate of between $18 – $21 per hour. We pay you a portion (percentage or commission) of what the customer pays us so your wages are dependent on how many homes you clean and how fast and efficient you work while you’re cleaning.

Although The Maid Crew would love to offer the most amazing benefits package anywhere, we, unfortunately only have so much money left over after paying payroll, taxes, insurance, rent, monthly car-notes, etc., etc. With that said, we do not offer any type of health or medical insurance or Vacation Pay. What can can offer is…

  • You’ll Never work Nights or Weekends
  • After Six Months Employment, you’ll get…
    • Six Paid Holidays a year
    • Paid Birthday Off
  • Unlimited Pre-Planned, Non-Paid Days Off (upon Management Approval)

Good Question… The Maid Crew is steadily growing and always on the lookout for quality job seekers. When we run an ad, we typically get 100+ job seekers applying… which is a lot to go through. If you’re serious about wanting to work here, please ensure your application is properly filled out, that employment history is included and that your contact info is listed accurately in case we want to connect and ask you in for an interview.

We value the time you’ve taken to apply & to tell us about yourself. Out of the hundreds of applications we receive, the hiring manager will review all of them and then call those who look like they’d be a good fit. While we can appreciate a proactive job seeker wanting to get our attention by calling us directly, please be aware that we will not be able to give you any information or answer questions until we’ve reviewed your application and chosen to move forward with the next step.  If you do not get a call from us within a couple of weeks, feel free to re-submit another application or shoot us an email asking that your previous application be reconsidered.

The Maid Crew only hires employees, we do not make use of subcontractors. Some maid service companies hire cleaners as subcontractors. If you were to work as a subcontractor, you would get a 1099 Tax Form at the end of the year and YOU would be responsible for paying your own taxes to the IRS. At The Maid Crew, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be hired on as an employee! We’ll take care of withholding and paying taxes on your behalf and at the end of the year you’ll get a W-2 Earnings & Tax Withholding Form for use in filing your tax return.

The Maid Crew defaults to hiring on a full-time basis. With that said, we are not opposed to working with folks on a part-time basis but there are conditions attached. Full-time workers typically work in teams and benefit from pairing up and using the company cars. They also are afforded more jobs and stability since they are making themselves available to us full-time. Part-time workers (3 – 4 days a week) may be asked to work solo and use their own vehicle. Part-time workers are also sent home or furloughed first in the event of client cancellations or if there’s not enough work to go around. Part-timers also do not qualify for any benefits and are held to a higher standard when it comes to attendance. (If you’re part-time and have a habit of calling off work, maintaining a job may not even be worth your time.)

As for hours, we consider full-time to be Monday – Friday from 8am until 3pm-5pm (when the day’s work is done). Total hours per week averages between 28-35 hours (of which 22 – 25 is actually spent cleaning, while the rest is spent on morning prep and drive/break time).

Unfortunately, The Maid Crew does not provide employment opportunities to those only wanting to work 1 – 2 days a week. Also, The Maid Crew does not work night or weekends (one of the perks about working here).

Well ….. we don’t do “overtime” because wages are based on commission and if we did, that would mean you’d be working 40+ hours a week. Unfortunately, we do not schedule workers with so many jobs that they’d be working that many hours. Those with experience in professional house cleaning will tell you that cleaning houses is HARD WORK! To prevent burn-out, workers average 2 homes a day by themselves or between 3 – 4 homes with a co-worker. After a whole week of house cleaning, most people look forward to some down time. The best way to earn more money is to do a really great job so that you build up a reputation for excellence among our customer base, which eventually pays off with good tips. Clients will always tip for excellent service.

We do have a training or “breaking in” period which all workers must go through, even those with former house cleaning experience. The first 1 – 2 weeks is used as a “getting to know one another” period. We will provide about a week’s worth of training and oversight depending on your level of experience. If you don’t have any experience with professional house cleaning, it could take the full week or more to get you up to speed. If we find that you’re a rock-star cleaner that’s producing really good cleanings in an efficient, timely fashion, then you’ll get promoted out of training within a few days. With that said, we’re not just evaluating you on your cleaning abilities… we’re also wanting to see if you’re dependable in showing up to work on time as scheduled, and whether you play well with others. You may be awesome at cleaning and you may show up for work but if you’ve got problems getting along with others, that could pose a challenge with you fitting in.  We hope this won’t be the case and trust everyone we hire is a good fit overall.

It really depends on the season. There are times that we offer someone the opportunity to come on board immediately following a face-to-face interview while at other times, we may have a full schedule of interviews that we have to work through before making a decision on who to hire. If you are invited in for an interview but don’t hear back from us afterwards, do not assume that we did not like you… it could be that someone more qualified grabbed our attention. If you interviewed and wish to know the status, you’re free to call us to inquire. If it’s been a while since the interview & you wish to reapply or be reconsidered, we encourage you to email us.

If you are offered employment, please know that your employment status is not confirmed until AFTER you have successfully completed orientation.  Part of orientation includes an initial drug screening and nationwide criminal background check. Should you fail either of these aspects of orientation, the offer of employment will be rescinded. If you pass the drug screening & background check, orientation paperwork & training will proceed.