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Referral Rewards Program

Refer a friend (or family member) to The Maid Crew and you’ll both save!

Discount Savings for Richmond Maid Service

Who doesn’t like to save money with a good discount? Well, with The Maid Crew House Cleaning of Richmond’s Referral Rewards Program, clients can bring down the cost of professional house cleaning and maid service in the Glen Allen, Chesterfield and greater Richmond VA region. The best part about this affiliate or referral rewards program is that there’s no limit to the savings. The more friends, family or coworkers you refer, the greater amount of service credits you’ll accumulate that can be applied against the cost of your housekeeping service.

How Our Referral Program Works

As with any savings club, membership or referral program, there are a few guidelines. We’ve tried to keep the rules as simple and straight-forward as possible. 

  • Tell others about your experience with The Maid Crew House Cleaning of Richmond.
  • For each NEW client that signs up with The Maid Crew for the first time through your referral link AND COMPLETES a maid service appointment, you will automatically get $50 in service credits added in to your Referral Rewards account.
  • Redeem credits to bring down the cost of future cleanings. Apply your entire credit balance toward the cost of a single cleaning or split the balance across multiple future visits.

Qualifying for Maid Service Referral Credits

  • YOU and the person you refer must live within The Maid Crew’s current service area.
  • YOU must already be in our system as having received service from us.
  • The person you refer MUST either:
    • If booking over the phone: MENTION YOU BY NAME at the time their account and appointment is first set up.
    • If booking online: Book service AFTER CLICKING or USING YOUR UNIQUE REFERRAL LINK. Note: if the person you refer clicks your referral link but then navigates away from the booking page, the referral connection link will be lost. To reconnect, they will need to make use of the referral link again.  
  • The person you refer must set up their own personal account with The Maid Crew under their own unique email, mobile number, physical home address and payment info.
  • The person referred must complete the process of receiving and paying for service before the system will credit your account with the $50 Referral Rewards. Once the referred has completed their first booking and your rewards have been credited, you will get both an email & text letting you know that your credits are available for redemption, at which point you can log in to your account, review your current credit balance and apply them to your next cleaning or allow the balance to continue growing until such time that you’d like to redeem.

Disqualifying Factors for Referral Rewards

Referral reward credits are not awarded if the person referred ….

  • lists the same home or service address as the person that referred them.
  • does not use your referral link or mention you at the time of account set-up.  
  • cancels or does not complete their first appointment for service. 
  • is identified within our system as:
    • having been a previous client
    • having been previously referred by another
    • having a gift card on file under their name & email.

Best Way to Refer Someone

  • First, LOG-IN to your Maid Crew account, then click on the header menu-item “Earn Credits”.
  • You can opt to have US send your friends or family either an email or a text message inviting them to book service with The Maid Crew. They’ll be informed that clicking your referral link will provide them with a $50 New Client Referral Discount automatically applied to their first booking. To make use of this method, you’ll need to enter either emails OR mobile phone numbers, separated by a comma.
  • In addition to having us email or text them an invitation, you could also opt to share an auto-generated post on Facebook or Twitter (X) simply by clicking on the Facebook or Twitter logo next to your system generated referral link. You must be logged in to either Facebook or Twitter already for this to work.
  • Alternatively, you could also simply copy your unique system generated referral link (click on the link icon next to the Twitter logo) and your referral link will be copied allowing you to paste it in to your own email or text for delivery outside of the system.
  • There is also the old-fashioned method of encouraging your friends and loved ones to simply mention you by name if/when they call to set up service for the first time.