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Earning our customers' loyalty and respect is what we're all about

Most questions put forth typically revolve around the question of TRUST.

  • Can I trust that you’ll do a good job?
  • Can I trust that your price is competitive?
  • Can I trust that your employees are dependable & honest?
  • Can I TRUST you …..

We hope that the answers you seek here will help alleviate any concerns over whether we’re the right fit for you. And, if you’d like any additional reassurances, we’d welcome a telephone conversation to share additional info and allow you the opportunity to get a feel for who we are.  Our contact info is down below for your convenience.

General Questions

Who is The Maid Crew?

Well, we're a rag tag group of cleaning professionals lead by a Richmond native (so we're local) who started cleaning homes back in 1999 (so we've been around a while.)

Service Area?

The Maid Crew services most of Greater Richmond, including central Richmond, Glen Allen, Short Pump, Ashland, Mechanicsville, Midlothian, Chesterfield, Chester, Manikin-Sabot, Moseley and parts of Goochland. There are some areas that we do not go to. Please check our SERVICE AREA MAP to determine availability.

Types of Cleanings?

One-time, Spring Cleanings, Move-Ins, Move-Outs, Post-Renovation, Commercial Buildings, Small Offices, etc.

What's Included?

For a full description of what’s included and what not included, please visit our 

Can I Customize?

Clients are free to customize their cleanings to suit their needs and their budget. Don’t need certain rooms or a level of your home cleaned? No problem. Tell us what you do need, and we’ll tailor make a cleaning just for you.

Do I need to be home?

You do not need to be home during the cleaning. We typically clean while folks are at work. On the flip side, if you are going to be home, that’s okay too. Whether you’re home or not during our visit, you’ll still get a great cleaning.

What about Pets?

Pets are not a problem (unless they’re aggressive). Just let us know the pets names and if there are any special instructions we need to be aware of (such as where treats are kept, if they’re allowed outside, etc.)

Prepare for Cleaning?

If you're wanting to keep your costs down, the less clutter we have to work through the quicker we'll be able to accomplish the cleaning. If extra time is needed for organizing & decluttering, the higher your cost.

Is a contract required?

With The Maid Crew, there’s never a contract. We feel that the quality of our work should speak for itself. If you like what you see, then you’re free to keep us around as long as you like.

Scheduling & Appts.

What appointment times do you have?

The Maid Crew operates Monday – Friday. Our office opens at 7:30am and closes at 4:30pm. Appointment times — aka: Estimated Arrival Times — are between 8:40am all the way up to no later then about 3:30pm. We do not offer “late day” scheduling, such as after 3:30pm. Also... The Maid Crew is closed on all MAJOR holidays.

How do I set up service?

We offer self-service quoting & scheduling making it quick, easy & convenient to get set up. If you have questions or need assistance, please call us at (804) 644-6243 Monday – Friday between 8am- 4:30pm.

What cleaning frequencies do you offer??

For recurring service, The Maid Crew offers Weekly, Every 2 Weeks (Bi-Weekly) & Every 4 Weeks (Monthly). All recurring service must begin with an Initial Deep Cleaning to bring the home up to maintenance level.

Rescheduling, Skipping or Canceling?

If you need to reschedule, skip or cancel a cleaning, you can either call or text us at (804) 644-6243. PLEASE NOTE: Deadline for cancelling, skipping or rescheduling is 12 noon, one business day prior to your appointment for service. Changes AFTER the deadline result in a $50 late-cancellation fee.

Need Extra Hours or Seasonal Chores?

If you’d like to book an extra clean in-between a regular recurring schedule or need more hours on a 1x clean, or if you’d like to get some extra, seasonal chores tackled (like inside the fridge or some window washing) just let us know prior to our visit so we can set aside the extra time that’ll be needed. Extra time/chores will result in additional costs.

How much time should I book?

Clients are free to book as many hours as they feel is needed to get the job done. The Maid Crew can offer recommendations based on experience and historical averages. Give us a call, explain what you’d like to see accomplished and we’ll help guide you through the booking process according to your needs and budget.

What if I don't book enough hours for the job??

If it is uncertain whether you’ve booked a sufficient number of man-hours for the job at hand, you have the option to authorize more time once the Crew has reached the original “cap”. We can have the Crew call you directly to let you know how far they’ve gotten, how much more time the believe is needed and allow you to decide if & how much more time you’d like to authorize.

What if my cleaning falls on a holiday?

The Maid Crew is close on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (included Black Friday) and Christmas. If your cleaning falls on any one of those days, The Maid Crew will coordinate with you in advance to offer another day to reschedule onto. Clients are free to choose to skip their cleaning in the event the reschedule option is not suitable.

The Cleaning Crews

Are the cleaners you send employees or subcontractors?

All those who wear The Maid Crew uniform are employees. As such, The Maid Crew takes care of all payroll withholding taxes, unemployment insurance, workers comp coverage and general liability. (Companies making use of subcontractors (1099 Workers) place YOU at risk for bearing financial responsibility in the event of worker injury and/or tax avoidance.) With The Maid Crew, you can rest easy knowing that all the details have been taken care of….. Both YOU and our Employees are fully covered.

How do I know I can trust The Maid Crew employees?

The Maid Crew's management sifts through, literally, HUNDREDS of applications & social profiles just to find one new recruit that it feels would be a good fit for both us & our clients. Once hired, all new employees go through background screenings, drug tests and reference checks to ensure we're sending only the best into your home.

How many people will be coming to clean?

For safety, security and accountability reasons, a Maid Crew team is typically made up of two certified cleaners. If a particular team has a heavier than normal work-load for the day, a third person will usually be added. In rare occasions, when operational necessity dictates, The Maid Crew may send out a single crew member to service an account. If a “Crew of One” is ever necessary, the individual sent is typically one of our more senior, experienced and trustworthy employees.

Are the cleaners trained & experienced?

By choosing The Maid Crew, you’ve aligned yourself with some of the area’s BEST house cleaners. We’re pretty picky as to who we hire (and who we keep on board). Those working for The Maid Crew are thoroughly trained, uniformed and experienced. Many of those working for us have YEARS of expertise in the industry. Those who are new to the house cleaning industry are supervised by a Senior Crew Leader and inspected behind. If anything should ever fall through the cracks (regarding quality), you needn’t worry – Your Cleaning is Guaranteed. If you find something you’re not happy with, just call us within 24hrs and we’ll return at our own expense to address the issue.

Can you guarantee that I get the same people visit after visit?

The Maid Crew does it’s best to maintain the same crew on your account visit after visit. With that said, illness, vacation, departures or dismissals may necessitate a change in personnel from time to time. Your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated during the temporary replacement or transition from one worker or crew to the next.

Can the crew remove their shoes upon entering my home?

Unfortunately, due to health, safety and insurance requirements, all Maid Crew personnel are required to wear shoes at all time, even while in your home.

Are tips required? How should I go about it?

Tipping is neither required nor expected, but it is greatly appreciated by the Crew and a great way of saying “Thanks”. 100% of tips go directly to the Crew that serviced your account for the day. Should you decide to offer a tip, you are free to leave cash, to include it in the check-payment or call to ask that we include an extra amount in your credit/debit card charge.

Can I personally hire members of The Maid Crew for weekend work or odd jobs?

Quick answer is: No. As stated within our Terms of Service, The Maid Crew requires clients to refrain from soliciting our staff to work for them directly… In fact, all Maid Crew employees sign a non-compete agreement upon being hired barring them from performing any services, either directly or indirectly, for any of our past, present or prospective clients both during their employment and for a period of one full year following their departure or dismissal. Should a client approach the Management of The Maid Crew directly and wish to retain us as a Domestic Placement Agency, we will gladly assist a homeowner in the recruitment, vetting and training of a qualified house-keeper for a nominal fee of $2500USD.

Billing & Payments

How & When do I pay?

Payment is due at the time of service. All reservations and appointments are secured by means of a credit/debit card at the time of booking (VISA, MasterCard, Discover or AmEx). Effective Jan 1 2020, The Maid Crew no longer accepts checks or cash as payment.... everything's done through credit/debit card. ACH bank draft coming soon.

Why do I need to reserve my appointment with a credit/debit card number?

As a means of ensuring that it’s time & resources are respected & honored appropriately, and as an assurance of payment, The Maid Crew requires all bookings to be secured through debit/credit card reservation. If an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice or if the Crew experiences a Lock-Out or are turned away upon arrival, the debit/credit card on file will be charged a $50 Late Cancellation fee as outlined in The Maid Crew’s Terms of Service.

What's up with the pre-authorization charge?

The Maid Crew may, under certain circumstances, opt to pre-authorize a charge against a client’s debit/credit card the day before services are to be rendered. The pre-authorization may show up as a hold or pending charge against your account as an assurance of available funds, especially in situations where a LARGE amount of time & labor is to be reserved and/or rendered. Only when your appointment has actually been completed will the charge be finalized and processed.

What if my 1x, hourly based cleaning takes less/more time than what I booked?

With The Maid Crew, clients are in complete control of how much time & labor they’d like to reserve / book for an hourly based cleaning. We can offer recommendations but ultimately, the choice rests with the client based on their needs and/or budget. Should a client book MORE THAN the number of hours needed, the client will only be charged for the amount of time & labor rendered. In the event the job requires more time than expected, the client will be consulted as to whether they’d like to authorize more time and, if so, will be billed appropriately.

How do I go about tipping if I'm set up on auto-pay with my credit card?

If you are set up to pay by debit/credit card and wish to provide the Crew a tip, simply call our office directly and let us know how much of a tip you’d like to add to your debit/credit card charge. We will forward 100% of the tip amount to the Crew Members responsible for the cleaning (split equally among all those on the team).

Rate Changes & Additional Charges?

The Maid Crew reserves the right to amend its rates at any time to allow for business related cost increases. Additional charges may be necessary for the extra maid-hours typically required for initial cleanings, post-party cleaning, renovation cleanup, “picking-up” prior to actually cleaning, extended intervals between cleanings, additional service requests and/or the addition of pets, children, or roommates. Recurring Clients will be provided with a 14 day advanced notice of any permanent rate change affecting their account.

Denial of Payment, Charge-Backs & Late Fees?

Clients whose check has been returned for insufficient funds, who stop payment on a check, or who have denied payment to The Maid Crew by means of a charge-back to their credit card, will be assessed a $50 “denial-of-payment” fee in addition to all applicable late payment penalties, interest, administrative and collection costs. Late payment penalties are as follows: $15 for account balances carried seven days beyond the date of service, $25 additional if carried thirty days beyond date of service; For Corporate Clients requiring invoicing: 10% on all account balances not paid in full thirty days beyond original date of invoicing.

Trust & Safety

Licensed & Insured?

The Maid Crew is a Virginia Corporation licensed in the County of Henrico. General Liability Insurance and Bonding Certificates are issued through The Hartford and available upon request.

Background Checks?

The safety and security of you, your home and your belongings is important to us. Employees of The Maid Crew have passed full background checks. The Maid Crew has partnered with DataSource for ensuring we hire only the best. Reviewing Seven Years of history, we look at:
  • Address Verification
  • Social Security Trace
  • Dept of Motor Vehicles
  • State & National Criminal Search
  • National Sex Offender Database

Damage or Theft?

At The Maid Crew, your trust & confidence is of utmost importance. We do our best to make sure every stage of the customer service experience goes off without a hitch. There are times however, in spite of a our best efforts, that things happen. And when they do, we strive to do all we can to help rectify the issue(s). If you’ve experienced a breakage or damage of personal property, or you believe something has come up missing after one of our cleanings, please give us a call as soon as possible.

Concerns & Feedback

We LOVE feedback, both the good and the not-so-good. If you’ve got concerns about the quality of service, we want to know about it – it’s the only means we have of knowing where there’s a problem and how to fix it. If you’ve got PRAISE, we look forward passing it on and sharing your thoughts with the entire staff. To provide feedback and rate the Crew’s work, simply email or telephone us …. our info is at the bottom of the screen.

Access, Keys & Security?

As for accessing your home, clients preferences dictate. For more info, please CLICK HERE. With regard to allowing others access into your home while the cleaning is taking place, all crew members are under instructions NOT to allow any other individuals access without prior approval of the home-owner. All those claiming to be family, friends, neighbors, hired-contractors, nannies, etc, will need to produce and make use of a working copy of your key if they are to be allowed access into your home while we are there.

Terms & Policies

Happiness Guarantee?

At The Maid Crew, we want to make sure each and every client is happy with the service provided. One of the ways we do that is with a Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not happy with a particular aspect of our cleaning, then give us a call or email within 24 hours of our visit and we’ll come back out to provide a Re-Clean absolutely free.

Refund Policy?

It is The Maid Crew’s policy not to provide discounts or refunds once Time & Labor has been rendered. Instead of discounts or refunds, we offer clients the option of a Re-Clean if not completely happy with the quality of the cleaning provided. Conditions apply.

Deadline for Cancellations?

Once your appointment for service has been solidified on our schedule, we set that space aside specifically FOR YOU. We also reserve the necessary man-power to attend to your cleaning, while turning other business and potential clients away. Should you need to either cancel or reschedule a particular cleaning, we require a ONE day advance notice prior to your appointment.

Late Cancel Fee?