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If you’d like to cover the cost to have someone else’s home cleaned on a temporary, short-term basis (surrounding a pregnancy, during cancer treatment or physical rehab, etc.) Gift Cards would NOT be the best method. A better approach would be to set you up as a ‘3rd Party Bill-Payer’ where we provide service to your friend or family member and then charge your card on file after each cleaning. Setting up regular service would also allow for recurring discount pricing. For more info, please call our office at 804-644-6243.

Two (2) years from date of purchase.

Purchases may be cancelled & refunded within three (3) days of purchase. After three days, Gift Cards become non-refundable.

Companies wanting to purchase a single Gift Card do so just like an individual. In the “Your Name” fields, you can either put the name of the company or include the names of several people working in the office or department. Multiple names can be divided between the first & last name fields.

You can buy physical (plastic) gift cards at our office, however, the only dollar amount available are the ones valued at $120 (3 labor-hours).

Unfortunately we do not offer the option to have physical gift cards mailed from our office to you or someone of your choosing. If you wish to obtain a physical (plastic) gift card, you will need to pay for & pick them up at our office.

While you cannot purchase multiple gifts cards all at once on our website, you can do so by visiting our office and purchasing the physical gift cards – as many as you’d like. The only physical card values we offer is at the $120 price-point, good for just 3 labor-hours of cleaning.