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Terms of Service

Just a quick introduction

Your use of this website and The Maid Crew’s services/personnel is governed by the terms and conditions set forth below. Please read them carefully. By using this website for personal use or to book cleanings from The Maid Crew, you agree to comply with, and to be bound by, these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you should not book services nor use this website and should exit from it now. The Maid Crew reserves the right to change this website and these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice to you.

General terms of service

Pay special attention to the FIRST THREE since they are the MOST IMPORTANT

Deadlines for cancellations & reschedules

Once your appointment for service has been solidified on our schedule, we set that space aside specifically FOR YOU. We also reserve the necessary labor to attend to your cleaning, while turning other business and potential clients away. Should you need to either cancel or reschedule a particular cleaning, we require an ADVANCE NOTICE of no less than 48 hours prior to our estimated arrival time.

Late cancellations & rescheduling fee

Clients failing to provide The Maid Crew with 48 hours advance notice of cancellation or rescheduling will have their account accessed with a $75 late-cancellation or rescheduling fee.  

Lock-outs, re-routes & wait time

If our Crew is either turned away at your door or simply unable to gain access to your home upon their arrival, an attempt will be made to contact you for assistance. If you cannot be reached or you refuse service, the Crew will be instructed to cancel the cleaning & move on to their next account. Such a scenario shall be viewed as a “Lock-Out”. All Lock-Outs are treated as late cancellations and will result in a fee of $75 automatically billed to your account & charged to your credit card on file.

Arrival times

Due to logistical challenges arising out of potential manpower shortages, traffic conditions, or issues encountered when servicing other clients (such as lock-outs or extra, last-minute service requests), The Maid Crew can only provide arrival windows of about 2 hours. Whether we arrive sooner or later than your preferred arrival time, you will still be expected to maintain your appointment for service.

Service conditions

The Maid Crew personnel do not clean homes where there is an active infestation (toxic mold, fleas, bedbugs, etc), nor do they clean up human or animal biohazards (excrement, blood, vomit, cat litter). Please realize that electricity, running water, functional plumbing, and a means by which to access the property need to be available to the crew upon their arrival. Additionally, The Maid Crew personnel will not clean or remain on-site while there is active construction or renovation work taking place within the home or apartment. Should The Maid Crew arrive and then subsequently depart due to any one of the aforementioned issues, the client will be required to pay for the crew’s time, from the point of arrival until the point of departure at a rate of $50 per cleaner per hour ($75 minimum), regardless of whether the client’s cleaning was started or completed. Additionally, there is a $75 fee for all Lock-Outs, Late-Cancellations or Reschedules submitted within 48 hours of our estimated arrival (this includes the morning/day of service).

Move-in/out requirements

With respect to a Move-Out Cleaning, all cabinets, drawers, closets & pantries, along with the fridge & freezer must be completely empty of personal belongings. The Maid Crew is not responsible for hauling away, placing out by the curb/dumpster, or disposing of unwanted belongings, boxes, garbage, or junk left behind after the move. (Basically, the place needs to be empty… we’re there to clean, not serve as a furniture, debris or junk removal service.) Additionally, The Maid Crew reserves the right to cancel the cleaning and refuse service should the property be deemed a health or safety hazard.

Moving appliances

The Maid Crew personnel do not move or slide out appliances in order to clean underneath or behind. Attempting to do so could result in scratched or damaged flooring or in the accidental disconnection of electrical, water, or gas lines. If cleaning is needed behind or under a stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, washer, or dryer, an extra fee is assessed (through the À la Carte – Extras Section of the Booking Form) AND either the Client or Maintenance personnel will need to be on-site to pull the appliances out & push/slide them back into place.

Ladders & countertops

Due to safety concerns and insurance restrictions, The Maid Crew personnel only make use of 1 – 2 level step stools when needed. They do not bring nor make use of ladders either outside or inside the home even if the customer provides. They also do not climb or stand on top of counters to hand-wipe the top of cabinets or crown molding.

Paint clean-up

The Maid Crew personnel do not clean up or scrape paint off windows, floors, or countertops. Any paint clean-up or scraping will need to be attended to by the painters prior to The Maid Crew’s arrival. Additionally, our Crews/Cleaners do not act as “maintenance personnel” swapping out burned-out light bulbs, removing or replacing a bathroom or light fixtures, etc.

Disclaimer & accountability

IMPORTANT: If you’re moving out of a rental, be advised that making use of a professional cleaning service does not guarantee the return of a rental deposit. Additionally, The Maid Crew will only remain accountable to the individual paying for the service – which is YOU. Should someone other than YOU (such as the property owner, manager or real estate agent) decide that the scope of cleaning that you requested & paid for does not meet their standards, you & that other individual will have to work it out. IF we are asked to return to provide extra detail or services, it will likely result in additional costs due to the additional time & labor.

Rate changes and additional charges

The Maid Crew reserves the right to amend its rates at any time to allow for business-related cost increases. Additional charges may be necessary for the extra maid hours typically required for initial cleanings, post-party cleaning, renovation cleanup, “picking-up” prior to actual cleaning, extended intervals between cleanings, additional service requests, and/or the addition of pets, children, or roommates. Recurring Clients will be provided with a 14-day advanced notice of any permanent rate change affecting their account.

Payment policy and methods

Payment is due at the time of service. Reservations for service must be secured by means of a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover). As protection against fraud, a pre-authorization shall be required for all 1x/Seasonal/Initial cleanings in order to verify the card number’s validity and minimum availability of funds. The option to pay in cash is only available for fixed-priced services and must be rendered upon our arrival prior to the commencement of services. Payment by check is only available to established clientele. Whether paying by cash or check, credit card details shall still be required to serve as a backup method of payment. Clients failing to provide payment by either cash or check shall have the cost of their service, along with any additional charges, fees, and/or penalties billed to the credit card on file.

Billing and refunds

In agreeing to receive service from The Maid Crew, as witnessed by your subsequent request for service, you do so with the understanding (i) that whether receiving service at a flat-fixed rate or “by the hour”, all rates and pricing structures established by The Maid Crew shall be viewed and billed as simply “time & labor”; and (ii) that once “time & labor” has been extended to you that neither discounts, credits nor refunds shall be available to you from either The Maid Crew or the financial institution through which you have provided payment; and (iii) that you authorize and acknowledge The Maid Crew right to charge your account and credit card any and all applicable fees, fines and penalties as allowed for in the servicing of your account.

Refunds & re-cleans

The Maid Crew does not / will not provide refunds once TIME & LABOR has been provided. If you have concerns regarding the end result (quality) of the TIME & LABOR that’s been provided by The Maid Crew’s staff, you can avail yourself of The Maid Crew’s Re-Clean policy, which states: (i) For all Recurring, Fixed-Priced or Flat-Rate Services, The Maid Crew remains available to you for up to 48 hours after your cleaning allowing you time to look over our work and to make sure all is to your liking. If there are aspects of a particular cleaning you are unhappy with, simply contact us within 48 hours of our visit and we will gladly return to address any issue(s) you may have found; and (ii)  Conditional Guarantee for Hourly-Based Cleanings: Hourly based jobs are based on a client’s budget and/or guestimate as to the amount of time & labor that’ll be needed to complete the scope of work requested. Due to the potential for a client to book or reserve an insufficient amount of time & labor, The Maid Crew cannot guarantee the amount of work completed. The Maid Crew will only provide a guarantee on that which the crew actually had time to attend to & sign off on. There is no guarantee or re-clean for rooms, tasks or areas not attended to due to time running out. If the crew does need more time to complete the scope of work requested, the client will be afforded an opportunity to authorize more time. If a client finds an area that the crew cleaned to be lacking, The Maid Crew will be more than happy to return for a reclean of the area in question. (NOTE: Client must contact us within 48 hours of our original visit to qualify.) Please be aware that once time & labor has been rendered, a reclean is the only remedy available for clients that find themselves unhappy with specific aspects of the cleaning. The Maid Crew does not offer full or partial refunds… we provide no-cost recleans of the area(s) in question. Forfeiture / Waiver of ReClean Remedy: Finally, if the client (or their representative) is home and conducts a walk-through while the crew is finishing up and subsequently gives a thumbs-up, signs off on the job and/or tips the cleaner/crew as a show of appreciation for a job well done, such motions will be viewed as an acceptance of work rendered and a waiver or forfeiture of reclean eligibility. IMPORTANT: Clients who have forfeited, waived, or refused The Maid Crew’s offer of a re-clean acknowledge, by accepting these terms & conditions for service, that they shall disqualify themselves from any right or request for a charge-back by their credit/debit card provider or financial institution of any and all fees or charges by The Maid Crew for any time & labor provided to them at their request, AND FURTHER AGREE AND ACCEPT that the only recourse available to them in the event they are dissatisfied with The Maid Crew’s service is to avail themselves of The Maid Crew’s ReClean offer.

Declines, charge-backs & late fees

Clients whose credit/debit card on file has declined multiple times or who have denied payment to The Maid Crew by means of an intentional charge-back to their credit card, will be assessed a $50 “denial-of-payment” fee in addition to all applicable late payment penalties, 3.5% credit card processing fee, interest, administrative, attorney, court and collection costs. Late payment penalties are as follows: For Residential Clients where payment is due immediately upon service being rendered: 10% for account balances carried fifteen days beyond the date of service; For Corporate Clients requiring invoicing: 10% on all account balances not paid in full thirty days beyond the original date of invoicing.


Irrespective of any personal, financial, or service-related issues which may prompt you to terminate or temporarily suspend services provided by The Maid Crew, payment of all monies owed by you to The Maid Crew for time & labor previously rendered will still be required, with all terms and conditions remaining in full effect until all account balances have been paid in full. Withholding of any monies owed by you to The Maid Crew shall be met with all applicable fees, penalties, fines, and court action as allowed and governed by the terms and conditions of this agreement, with you bearing the full financial responsibility for all of The Maid Crew’s court, attorney(s), administration, collection and/or arbitration costs.

Skipping of Service (for recurring accounts)

If you are a recurring client, a discount has been factored into the price of your cleaning based on your frequency of service. If we are to honor the discounted pricing provided, we will require that you, in turn, honor the integrity of your recurring service schedule. In the event you cannot maintain the integrity of your schedule and you need to skip a cleaning, (as opposed to rescheduling) your next appointment for service shall be billed in accordance with the pricing structure established for your account. (Example: If your service is normally every two weeks (at say $85) and you skip a visit, your next cleaning will be billed as a monthly (at say $115) due to the resulting four-week interval between cleanings.)

Equipment & Supplies

The Maid Crew makes use of its own supplies and equipment. Should you need us to use your own chemicals and/or equipment, please let us know. With that said, neither The Maid Crew’s owner, management nor staff will be held liable for equipment malfunction or property damage resulting from the use of your own personal equipment, supplies, or chemicals. As a standing policy, our employees are under instruction not to use bleach or bleaching agents. Should you require, instruct and/or provide for use any bleach or bleaching agent, or any other chemical not so approved or supplied by The Maid Crew, you do so fully aware that neither The Maid Crew’s owner(s), agent(s), management, staff nor insurance provider shall be held liable for any harm, damage or claims arising out of its use. Additionally, although The Maid Crew(s) will do their best when asked to make use of someone else’s equipment & supplies, management cannot extend a service guarantee on the quality of the cleanings provided in the event we are asked to make use of equipment, supplies and/or chemicals other than our own.

Damages or Breakages

Although each Maid Crew employee is trained to exercise the utmost care and caution when cleaning, accidents do occur from time to time. When damage/breakage occurs, employees are instructed to fill out an “Accident Report” and to place the report with the broken/damaged item on the kitchen table or counter, after which point someone from our management staff will contact you. Please be aware: There are times when breakages occur due to “booby-trapped” conditions. These are accidental breakages waiting to happen. Examples would be: pictures not fastened or hung securely, top-heavy items with unstable bases, wobbly objects, and/or previously damaged or fragile items. In light of such circumstances, The Maid Crew cannot take responsibility for accidents resulting from “booby-trapped” conditions. PLEASE NOTE: antiques, irreplaceable one-of-a-kind, and hard-to-find items are not covered by our Insurance Carrier’s breakage and loss policy (which means that in the event of damage/breakage, the cost of repair/replacement IS NOT COVERED OR REIMBURSABLE). Items of extreme value (monetary or sentimental) should be cleaned by the customer and/or moved to a safe location on the day of the cleaning.

Solicitation of Employees

When hired, The Maid Crew employees sign a non-compete agreement barring them from performing any service for any past, present or prospective clients residing within our current service coverage area both during their employment and for a period of one full year following their departure or dismissal. Upon requesting service, all clients agree not to hire, solicit, entice, or influence any current or previous employee still bound by their non-compete agreement to take care of their service needs, whether directly or indirectly, individually, or through a family member or other person or company, under penalty of a $5,000 finders fee assessed against their account, due & payable 30 days from the date of assessment. If you would like to hire, directly or indirectly, one of our current or previous employees who remain contractually obligated to their non-compete agreement, we would be happy to release them from their contract and bill your account a referral fee of $4,000. We consider our employees our most valuable asset and charge accordingly.

Electronic Communications

Communications between you and The Maid Crew shall include the use of electronic means, whether you visit our website or send us emails or text messages, or whether The Maid Crew posts notices on their website or communicates with you via email or text messaging. For contractual purposes, you (a) consent to receive communications from The Maid Crew in an electronic form; and (b) agree that all terms and conditions, agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications that The Maid Crew provides to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications would satisfy if it were in writing.

Entire agreement, changes to this agreement & waivers

These Terms of Service, together with any other legal notices published by The Maid Crew on their website or any printed material, shall constitute the entire agreement between you and The Maid Crew concerning The Maid Crew. We may change these Terms of Service from time to time on a going-forward basis, and any such modifications become effective immediately upon being posted to our website. It is your sole responsibility to check The Maid Crew’s website from time to time to view any such changes in their Terms of Service. If you do not agree to any changes, if and when such changes may be made, you must cease the use of The Maid Crew’s services. Your use of The Maid Crew’s services after any modifications to the Terms of Service indicates that you agree to such modified Terms. Any changes to these Terms of Service (other than as set forth in this paragraph) or waiver of The Maid Crew’s rights henceforth shall not be valid or effective except in a written agreement bearing the physical signature of an officer of The Maid Crew. No purported waiver or modification of The Maid Crew Terms of Service by The Maid Crew via telephonic or email communications shall be valid.

Gift card terms & conditions

  1. Terms of Use: Gift Cards are valid only within The Maid Crew’s current Service Area and applicable toward the cost of Residential Services only. Redemption of Gift Cards is subject to scheduling availability. Gift Card value may not be split between multiple households. Gift Cards may not, either in whole or any unused portion thereof, be redeemed for cash nor applied or allocated as a tip for the crew.
  2. Activation & Refunds:
    1. For internet purchases, a 3-Day hold on Gift Card Redemption/Scheduling is required to allow for the transfer & final depositing of funds from your financial institution. You may, during this time, cancel your Gift Card purchase and request a full refund by calling our office directly, however, be advised… after three (3) days from the date of purchase all sales become final and your Gift Card becomes active, non-refundable & subject to scheduling availability.
    2. For physical Gift Cards purchased at 3rd party retailers, redemption is available immediately following your purchase (scheduling, however, is still subject to availability). Physical Gift Cards may only be used after first removing the scratch off on the back of the card in order to reveal the redemption code. If any part of the scratch-off has been removed, your Gift Card becomes non-refundable. For cards whose scratch-off remains intact, refund eligibility is determined by the merchant.
    3. Prior to purchasing Gift Cards through The Maid Crew’s website, buyers are afforded an opportunity to ensure the recipient of the gift is actually within our current service area. As such, refunds requested AFTER the three-day post-purchase waiting period will not be honored even if there is the claim that the gift recipient is outside of our service area.
  3. Redemption Codes & Transfers:
    1. Gift Card tracking & redemption is tied to a ONE-TIME USE ONLY redemption code. To redeem a Gift Card, a redemption code must be entered or applied during booking/scheduling either by the client directly through our booking portal or by one of our staff while the client is on the phone. Once a Gift Card’s redemption code has been entered/utilized, the code is no longer valid and the card’s value and balance remain tied to the person who redeemed it.
    2. Gift Card holders/recipients may transfer ownership of a Gift Card so long as the Gift Card’s redemption code has not yet been used. No portion of a Gift Card’s value or balance may be transferred to another once the redemption code has been used.
  4. Redemption: There are two classes of Gift Cards issued by The Maid Crew: Discounted & Non-Discounted. Each has specific redemption guidelines.
    1. Discounted Gift Cards: Purchased either directly through our website during a special promotion such as Black Friday, or through select third-party retailers. Due to the fact that they already provide a built-in discount on services, Gift Cards purchased at a discount may not then be combined with additional promotional or discount incentives… such as a “New Client Promo” or for already discounted recurring services. Discounted Gift Cards may only be used to pay down the cost of services rendered at The Maid Crew’s full (non-discounted) rate at the time of redemption. Additionally, only one (1) discounted Gift Card may be used per cleaning.
    2. Non-Discounted Gift Cards: Purchased primarily through The Maid Crew’s own website outside of a promotion, Non-Discounted Gift Cards are treated like cash and can be combined with promotional or discount in