New Client Promo on 1st-time House Cleaning Services!

House cleaning services should be affordable for everyone. That’s why at The Maid Crew, we not only offer frequency discounts for recurring maid service but we also offer introductory promotional discounts.

House Cleaning Deal worth $75

Our current promo provides for a total of $75 off over the course of 3 cleanings. Get $25 off your 1st cleaning and then another $25 off your 3rd & 5th when you set-up recurring service. If you don’t want or need recurring service that’s okay too…. we’ll still provide you with the initial $25 discount for your 1x clean.

(Note: To get the additional $25 off the 3rd & 5th cleanings, you must sign up for recurring service at a frequency of either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Additional $25 discounts not available for those booking seasonally or semi-annually. Offer valid for new clients only.)

Your first cleaning will be treated like an initial deep clean and charged out by-the-hour. For pricing, just enter your home’s size and the system will generate an estimate for the number of labor-hours typically needed for your size home. While a minimum number of labor-hours will be required based on your size home, you are free to book more than the minimum based on your needs, budget and/or the condition of the home.  Should you book MORE THAN the minimum but your cleaning takes less time than what you’ve authorized, you’ll only be charged the minimum + whatever extra time the crew actually utilizes.

(Example: if the minimum is 5 Labor-Hours and you authorize 10 but the crew only needed 7, you’ll only be charged for the 7 Labor-Hours, not the full 10.)

Alternatively — if you choose to book only the minimum, we’ll do our best within the amount of time you’ve authorized (working down a list of priorities you provide), but we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to get everything fully finished and may need to request more time. Remember, every home is different and some may (and do) fall outside of our recommendation due to neglect or other special circumstances.

As for how “Labor-Hours” work…. it’s the number of cleaners on the crew multiplied by the amount of time in the home.

  • 2 Person Crew in the home for 1.5 hours of cleaning = 3 labor-hours (2 people x 1.5 hours = 3 labor-hours)…. or
  • A crew of 3 cleaners in the home for 1 hour = 3 labor-hours (1 hour x 3 people = 3 labor-hours)

As for “What’s included”?  It’s really up to the client based on the amount of cleaning and/or detail they’d like to see accomplished. Whether you need some extremely detailed cleaning in just certain rooms or need help with seasonal chores, once your cleaning is booked, you’ll fill out a List of Priorities so that the Crew knows what they’re to focus on in the time available.

If you have additional questions or would like to book your house cleaning services over the phone, our contact info is below.