Access & Security


Key Safety

Due to logistical & security reasons, The Maid Crew does not accept nor keep on file copies of client’s personal house keys. To ensure crew access on the day of cleaning, Clients will need to provide work-order instructions on method of entry… I.E. Hide-A-Key, leave side or back door unlocked, provide code through garage or through door with keyless entry keypad, call client for remote buzz in, realtor lock-box, etc. (For recurring clients, The Maid Crew can offer/sell realtor lock-boxes to the client for their own personal use for a one-time fee $15. Once purchased, lock-box belongs to client… the $15 is not a rental fee, it’s a purchase fee.) Exception: The only exception to the policy of not storing a client’s home key is for those living in a condo building where multiple keys are required to get through multiple layers of access & where hiding a key is not feasible.

Alarm System


Although we can include arming & disarming notes in your work-order, The Maid Crew will not bear financial responsibility for accidental triggering and/or police dispatch. Nowadays, most folks have opted to take care of this remotely through their smartphone.

Lock Out

Lock-Out Fee

If our Crew is either turned away at your door or simply unable to gain access to your home, an attempt will be made to contact you for assistance. If you cannot be reached or you refuse service, a fee of $50 will be automatically billed to your account & charged to your credit card on file.

Alarm System

Late Cancels

Once scheduled and confirmed, a Client will have up to 12 noon ONE BUSINESS DAY prior to their appointment to cancel or reschedule fee-free. Those failing to provide The Maid Crew with required advance notice will have their account assessed a $50 late cancellation fee and charged to their credit card on file.