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The Maid Crew's Claims Form - Theft

At The Maid Crew, your trust & confidence is of utmost importance. We do our best to make sure every stage of the customer service experience goes off without a hitch. There are times however, in spite of a our best efforts, that things happen. And when they do, we strive to do all we can to help rectify the issue(s). If you believe something has come up missing after one of our cleanings, please read on as to how we approach such issues.

Missing Items / Suspicion of Theft

Suspicion of theft is a very sobering issue to have to address. No one likes having to question someone’s integrity or assume the worst, however, if something is missing, due diligence needs to be brought to bear. In light of that, here’s what we would advise….

95% of the time, suspicion of theft ends up being a false alarm. Clients have called or emailed days or weeks after reporting something missing, to say that what was missing ended up being found (under cushions, behind a dresser, in a drawer, etc.) If, after allowing the ‘lost & found’ process to run it’s course, you still cannot account for the missing item and believe a theft occurred, please contact your local police department to file a report and initiate an investigation.

Upon filing a report of suspected theft, the police department will question all those who had access to your home around the time of the incident. Only after the police have exercised due process will our insurance carrier be brought in to address the possibility of reimbursement or replacement, at which point, a criminal court conviction may or may not be required. Our insurance carrier would take the lead at that point to give understanding as to what will be required prior to compensation.

PLEASE NOTE: It is The Maid Crew’s policy to suspend all service to the client while an official investigation remains active. Only when an official investigation has been completed and the matter resolved will services resume – should the client wish to do so.

  • You must file an official Claims Form within 10 days of discovery or disclosure to a member of The Maid Crew’s management/office staff. Claims submitted outside the filing deadlines will not be eligible for consideration.
  • Claims will be resolved based on the findings and determinations of the claims & police investigation. Any potential reparation or compensation will not be available to those who fail or refuse to file a police report with their local police department. Documentation (including photos and/or receipts) showing proof of ownership and value of missing item(s) will be needed for the investigation and claims process.
  • Following your submission of this Claims Form, please contact your local police department to file a report and request a formal investigation.
  • To file an Official Claims Form for Missing Item(s), please fill out the form below.