Guarantee for Recurring Clients:

If you’re a recurring client, The Maid Crew remains available to you for up to 48hrs after your cleaning allowing you time to look over our work and to make sure all is to your liking. If there are aspects of a particular cleaning you are unhappy with, simply call our office within 48hrs of our visit and we will gladly return to address any issue(s) you may have found.

Conditional Guarantee for Hourly-Based Cleanings

The hours needed for one-time cleanings are estimated “site-unseen” over the phone or through our website quoting tool. Clients choose total number of hours to purchase. Due to the potential for a client to purchase an insufficient number of hours, The Maid Crew cannot guarantee the amount of work completed. The Maid Crew will only provide a guarantee on that which the crew actually had time to attend to. There is no guarantee or re-clean for rooms, tasks or areas not attended to due to time running out.  If a client desires that we provide additional detail and/or work, the client will need to purchase additional time & labor.