Happiness Guarantee

Flat-Rate Service Guarantee: For all Recurring, Fixed-Priced or Flat-Rate Services, The Maid Crew remains available to you for up to 48 hours after your cleaning allowing you time to look over our work and to make sure all is to your liking. If there are aspects of a particular cleaning you are unhappy with, simply contact us within 48 hours of our visit and we will gladly return to address any issue(s) you may have found.

No Refund Policy & Waiver of Re-Clean Remedy:

Please be aware that once time & labor has been rendered, a reclean (requested within 48hrs of our original visit) is the only remedy available for clients that find themselves unhappy with specific aspects of the cleaning. The Maid Crew does not offer full or partial refunds …. we provide no-cost recleans. And finally, if the client (or their representative) is home and conducts a walk-through while the crew is finishing up and subsequently gives a thumbs-up, signs off on the job and/or tips the crew as a gesture of appreciation for a job well done, such motions will be viewed as an acceptance of work rendered and a waiver of reclean eligibility.

Conditional Guarantee for Hourly Based Cleanings:

Hourly based jobs are based on a client’s budget and/or guestimate as to the amount of time & labor that’ll be needed to complete the scope of work requested. Due to the potential for a client to book or reserve an insufficient amount of time & labor, The Maid Crew cannot guarantee the amount of work completed. The Maid Crew will only provide a guarantee on that which the crew actually had time to attend to & sign off on. There is no guarantee or re-clean for rooms, tasks or areas not attended to due to time running out.  If the crew does need more time to complete the scope of work requested, the client will be afforded an opportunity to authorize more time. If a client finds an area which the crew cleaned to be lacking, The Maid Crew will be more than happy to return for a reclean of the area in question. (NOTE: Client must contact us within 48 hours of our original visit to qualify.)

Extra Tasks & Seasonal Chores

Need some seasonal chores attended to? No problem – we can take care of them for you. Below is a list of additional chores we can tackle for an additional fee.

  • Cleaning Inside of Fridge
  • Chemical Scrub inside of Oven
  • Wiping out inside of Cabinets & Drawers
  • Cleaning Closet Shelving
  • Cleaning Patio & Furnishings
  • Washing of Windows
  • Hospital grade whole home sanitizing fogging/misting.
  • Chores listed above are not, by default, included with normal service. If needed, they do cost extra and need to be scheduled or requested in advance or at the time of booking.

Some Things We Don’t Do:

  • Carpet, Drapery or Upholstery Cleaning
  • Debris/Trash/Junk Removal Services
  • Wiping down or DeScuffing of Walls
  • Paint Scraping or Clean-up Services
  • Floor Grout Scrubbing/Restoration
  • Stripping or Waxing of Floors
  • Hand washing of Dishes
  • Laundry Services
  • Chandelier Cleaning
  • Polishing of Silverware
  • DeHoarding / DeCluttering
  • BioHazard / BioWaste Clean-Up
  • Nicotine, Fire or Water Restoration
  • Fireplace soot/ash clean-up or removal.

In addition to listing out what we don’t do, WE STRONGLY ADVISE & ASK that you review the following two webpages. Once you’ve read through them, we’d welcome you request for service. Those two webpages are:

ExpectationsTerms of Service

We cannot stress enough… please read them.